NEW WORK
'Religion, Cognition and Relevant Mysteries’(2012), revised version of paper given at National Sun-Yat-sen University 22/9/11 and National University of Kaohsiung 26/9/11, Taiwan. (See NEW WORK page.)
‘Complexity, Relevance and the Emergence of Culture’ (2012) in M-Y Tseng (ed.) Investigating Language at the Interface. Kaohsiung, Taiwan: Center for the Humanities, National Sun Yat-sen University.
        Reviews:Thinking at the Limit’ posted by Patrick McNamara (Boston U.) on                     Examiner.com 13/06/2011.
                   on eLanguage by Abby Forster (U of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Language and Society(1998, extensively revised 2 edition), Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 503 pp. Cambridge Approaches to Linguistics Series.
Language and Society is the clearest and most reliable introduction to the field of sociolinguistics available to-day” - William Labov 
“Of the textbooks on the market, Downes’ is arguably the best, providing the most thorough overview of the subject” - Language
of the first edition: Language62.2: 474-475 by Ian Smith; British Book News 30/5/84 by Trevor Pateman; Times Higher Education Supplement 6/7.84 by Jenny Cheshire; The Incorporated Linguist 24.2: 126 (Spring 1985) by Marion Owen and of the second edition: Forum for Modern Language Studies 37.1 (2001).
On-line: http://english.uq.edu.au/reviews/words/language.html 13/3/99 by Felicity Meakins; Linguist List11.486 7/3/2000 by Jim Walker.
Linguistics and Literature
1. ‘Discourse and Drama: King Lear’s ‘Question to his Daughters’’ (1989), in W. van Peer (ed.), The Taming of the Text: Explorations in Language, Literature and Culture, London: Routledge, 226-257.
         Review: by Elena Semino (Lancaster U.) “William Downes’ study of King Lear famous question to his daughters is a superb example of the level of depth and insight that stylistics can reach when it draws eclectically from a variety of areas within linguistics in order to relate the surface features of the text to the situational, historical and cultural contexts which are relevant to the effect and interpretation”. Language and Literature 1 (2):145.
2.‘Meditation on Syntax: W.C. Williams ‘Young Sycamore’’ (1996), in C. Smith (ed.), Essays in Memory of Michael Parkinson and Janine Dakyns, Norwich Papers IV, University of East Anglia, 245-257.
3. ‘Register in Literature’ (1993) in R. Asher (ed.) The Encyclopaedia of Language and Linguistics, Oxford: Pergamon, Vol. 7, 3509-3511.
4. ‘Reading the Language itself: some methodological problems in D.C. Freemans’s ‘According to my bond: King Lear and re-cognition.’ Language and Literature (1993) 2.2: 121-128.  
also 8 and 10 below.
Pragmatics, Cognition, Culture
5. Witch-Hunting: Language, Belief and Verbal Action in an Historical process’ (1978), UEA Papers in Linguistics 8, 1-43.
6. ‘Language and Interpretation: Paul Robeson before the House Committee on Un-American Activities’ (1991), in P. Corfield, (ed.) Language, History and Class, Oxford: Blackwell, 264-297.
7. ‘History and linguistics’ (1993), in R. Asher (ed.) The Encyclopaedia of Language and Linguistics, Oxford: Pergamon, Vol. 3, 1578-1581.
8. ‘Pragmatics of Music and Emotion’ (1995), Language Forum2.2, 1-27.
9.‘Relevance and the Peircean Concept of Truth’ (1997), in Proceedings of the University of Hertfordshire Relevance Theory Workshop, in M. Groefsema (ed.) Chelmsford: Peter Thomas and Associates, 24-41.
10. ‘The Language of Felt Experience’ (2000), Language and Literature9.2, 99-121. Illustrated by analysis of text from Julian of Norwich.
Pragmatics, grammar and meaning
11. ‘The Imperative and Pragmatics’ (1977), Journal of Linguistics 13, 77-97. Reprinted (1979) in Articles and Theses on English, Tokyo: Eichosha Publishing, 58-88.
12. The Puzzle of the Gerundive’ (2001), in J. DeVilliers and R. Stainton (eds.), Communication in Linguistics: Papers in Honour of Michael Gregory: Toronto: Éditions du Gref, 95-135.
13. ‘Functional Explanation’ and ‘Teleological Explanation’ (1993) in R. Asher (ed.) The Encyclopaedia of Language and Linguistics, Oxford: Pergamon, Vol.3 1314-1318 and Vol. 9 4545-4546, respectively.
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